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I began taking photographs 18 years ago to be references for my oil paintings. I loved creating the perfect composition and finding the most amazing lighting. When it was time for me to pick an internship, I chose to go with a company who photographed all the upper level employees of American Express, capturing them in casual situations like enjoying the activities surrounding the 2002 Olympics.
Over and over again, I found myself choosing photography – at one point, I was a director for a portrait company and in charge of training photographers in three different studios. I became really proficient at illuminating a space with studio lighting, a skill that came into play later.
When I chose to leave full-time employment to start my family, it was just natural to move to taking family portraits. My favorite thing is to create a fun, open atmosphere that puts people at ease. I love the challenge of taking the most reluctant subject and capturing incredible images they cherish for life.

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